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The Boie USA Original Toothbrush has a detachable head, so you don’t need to get a whole new brush every time it needs replacing, which will only be about every six months. The replacement heads are the exact same soft and silicone-like BPA-free material as your Original Toothbrush. Simply pop the old one off and slide on the new one. Subscribe to save!

Swap it out, don’t toss it out

Soft Bristles

Traditional toothbrushes use nylon bristles that can be abrasive on teeth and gums, leading to enamel erosion and gum recession. No thanks! The bristles on our brush are soft and flexible, just like your dentist recommends.

BPA- and Latex-Free

All of our products are made from a BPA- and latex-free material called TPE. Sounds intense, but it's just a silicone-like material that combines the soft pliability of rubber with the benefits of thermoplastic. The result is a durable, recyclable product.


We embed our products with medical-grade antimicrobial silver to help kill odor-causing bacteria and other nasties that you definitely don’t want on your toothbrush.

Made in the USA

We want to support our communities while cutting down on shipping waste, so we make everything right here in the USA.

100% Recyclable

The material we use can be melted down and reformed, so we can take your old product and turn it into something new! Many things we send to the recycling plant don’t get processed as intended, so the best way to recycle your Boie USA item is to send it back to us.


Disposable personal care items create 50-million pounds of waste a year. Boie products last twice as long (sometimes more!) and can be recycled. Less wallet waste, less planet waste.

Swap it out, don’t toss it out

Soft Bristles

BPA- and Latex-Free


Made in the USA

100% Recyclable


Toothpaste + toothbrush

Add a pea-sized amount of toothpaste directly to the bristles of the Boie USA Toothbrush, just as you would with a traditional brush.

Brushing well

Brushing well Everyone has their own way of brushing, but 2-3 minutes is the length of time recommended by dentists. They also suggest using circular motions (rather than up and down) to cover more area inside your mouth.

Cleaning the brush head

t’s important to keep your brush clean throughout its extended lifecycle. The Boie USA Toothbrush has a flexible, replaceable brush head that makes cleaning easy. Bending the brush head backwards exposes the bristles and allows water to flow through.

Your Boie USA brush head should last twice as long as a traditional nylon-bristled brush. We recommend getting a new one every six months. Subscribe and receive enough for a year!

Easily! Just slide the old one off and pop on the new one.

The bristles are made from an extremely durable material called thermoplastic elastomer. It sounds intense, but it’s just a material that combines the flexibility of silicone with the durability of thermoplastic. The result is super soft, 100% recyclable, and latex and BPA-free.

The Fine Toothbrush has triangular bristles that are thinner and pointed at the top. It has fewer bristles overall, so the head is more compact than the Original Toothbrush. Some people find this more comfortable!

Yes, it is! The parts for each one of our toothbrushes are interchangeable.
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Nikolaos A.
Greece Greece

Very satisfied but black tooth brush not available.

Gayle C.
United States United States
Best Toothbrush Ever!

I love these toothbrushes. Been using them for over a year. Change out about every 4 or 6 months. My teeth are cleaner than they have ever been in my life. Even my dental hygienist and my dentist (after a year of no cleanings due to pandemic) commented on how awesome my teeth and gums are. One of the best things about these toothbrushes (besides that they are recyclable and last a long time) is that my teeth also are cleaner BETWEEN the teeth and at the gumline. I’ve always had problems with really getting my teeth clean. Not anymore. Oh. Also. Hope you don’t mind, but I use the fine brushes on my little dog because they are gentle on his teeth and gums and fit perfectly between his teeth and jaw. So very easy to clean the brushes, too!

Zoe L.
United States United States
Great toothbrush!

The color is so cute and it works just as good as any other toothbrush.

Elisabeth M.
United States United States
Best for my gums!

I love this toothbrush! Previously, my dentist warned I was brushing too hard with a non-Boie toothbrush, but at my last visit she said my gums look great using the Boie toothbrush! It is the only one I have used where I can tolerate brushing my tongue as well without a gag reflex. It feels like my teeth are getting a spa day with a nice massage every time. I replaced mine after 6 months because I wanted a little more stiffness, but it looked like it could've kept going. Nothing has ever ripped or broken.

Franciana T.
United States United States
Love my Boie products!

I really dislike the traditional Loofah and enjoy these antimicrobial options!