A new way to get clean. Our Body and Face Scrubbers have super soft, flexible bristles to gently cleanse and exfoliate. They’re BPA-free and antimicrobial so you can avoid the germs found on loofas and washcloths, meaning they work better and last longer.

Family Pack

Another way to save! Get 6 of any product for the price of 5. Never be without a fresh Scrubber, Toothbrush, or replacement head. Perfect for house guests, gifting, or when you just want to stock up for yourself.

Face Scrubber Family Pack | $40 $48

Loop Body Scrubber Family Pack | $50 $60

Flat Body Scrubber Family Pack | $50 $60

Fine Toothbrush Family Pack | $50 $60

Original Toothbrush Family Pack | $50 $60

Fine Replacement Head Family Pack | $25 $30

Original Replacement Head Family Pack | $25 $30

Hook Family Pack | $40 $48