How to prevent summer breakouts with Boie's Scrubbers

How to prevent summer breakouts with Boie's Scrubbers

Summer is officially here! And so is your sweat-induced acne. Don’t worry, we can help. Boie's Face and Body Scrubbers can prevent and minimize acne and other skin irritation year-round.

Pore-clearing, pimple-preventing bristles 

Acne is caused by clogged hair follicles (pores are the surface-level openings of follicles). The soft bristles on our Scrubbers gently sweep away dead skin, sweat, and grime to keep pores clear.

Non-irritating exfoliation

It’s easy to over-exfoliate and cause inflammation that can worsen into acne. The bristles on our Face and Body Scrubbers are made of a super gentle material that's as soft as silicone. So you can avoid overdoing it with rough physical exfoliants or harsh acids.

Medical-grade antimicrobial silver

Boie’s Face and Body Scrubbers are embedded with medical-grade silver to prevent acne-causing bacteria from sticking around and getting into your skin. While some bacteria are supposed to live on your skin, you definitely don’t want to add any more with unclean tools.

What our loyal customers say:

A miracle for body acne 

I've had pretty severe body acne for over 6 years, and in about a month no new acne, and now basically none at all. Truly such a confidence boost, the scrubber still looks new. Would recommend to literally anyone. Just got a new one for me and my sister, who is also dealing with body acne.


Love this product so much!

Gorgeous design, ever since I started using this face scrubber and stopped using my hands to wash my face, I stopped seeing pimples on my face. This is so awesome. I also bought the body scrubber because I used to suffer from back acne as well. But everything is under control now. Thank you for making this product!!

—Natalia A.

Love everything

Face scrubber is perfect! And my acne has greatly reduced since I’ve been using this. Love love love!

—Kelsi W.

Goodbye Sponge! So Long Loofah!

I highly recommend giving this a try. I had ditched loofahs a few years prior and opted for a charcoal sponge scrubber, but those hold bacteria too, so it wasn't really helping how I needed it to. I'm prone to back acne due to a hormonal disorder, so exfoliating is necessary but those old options would cause raw skin and breed their own issues eventually. This flat body scrubber is nice because you can hold it more like a washcloth and have more control to make sure important areas aren't missed.

—Bethany H.


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