Boie has sustainability in our DNA. The material we use can be melted down and reformed over and over to create new things. Unfortunately, when you toss your item into the recycling bin, there's no guarantee it will be properly processed. The best way to be sure is to send it back to us. Love note optional.

Recycling how-to


Put your used Boie item in a box or envelope

Click here to consult the table for USPS envelope requirements


Address your package to Boie Recycling

P.O. Box 61790, Lafayette, LA 70596


Select the appropriate stamp for your package

Click here to consult the table for USPS stamp requirements


Bring it to your favorite shipping carrier or drop it in the mailbox

If you have any questions, shoot us an email at


Items saved from landfills

Toothbrushes, loofahs, and other plastic personal care items contribute to over 50 million pounds of annual landfill waste. You just made it one product less!