Bust blackheads and get smoother skin

Bust blackheads and get smoother skin

Blackheads are amongst the most annoying (and most common) skin issues one can experience. What exactly are these little nuisances, and how can you get rid of them once and for all? 

What are blackheads?

This answer may surprise you! Blackheads are actually a form of acne. They’re small open bumps that become clogged with oil and dead skin. They appear black, not because they're filled with ‘dirt’, but because the bacteria and oil in the pore turn brown when exposed to air.

What causes blackheads?

Blackheads aren’t pimples—but they’re caused by the same major factors that produce most acne: excess oil, clogged hair follicles, and bacteria. The good news is they can be addressed using many of the same tactics used to treat acne!

Boie’s Face and Body Scrubbers can help!

While it is always best to consult a dermatologist along with any home remedy, our gently exfoliating Scrubbers can help minimize and reduce blackheads and other kinds of acne.

Antimicrobial, blackhead-busting bristles 

Our super soft bristles exfoliate without causing irritation—which can worsen acne. They gently clear pores by sweeping away dead skin, oil, and sweat for a more thorough clean. And our material is embedded with medical-grade antimicrobial silver. This prevents acne and blackhead-causing bacteria from getting into skin.


What our loyal customers say:


I wasn’t sure about the face scrubber but decided to try it out anyway. It feels SO good! I feel like my skin is smoother and I think it’s helping my blackheads on my nose! I LOVE the little loop on the back and wish it was on the big scrubber too!

—Katie V.

Gentle, but effective!

I love how it’s eco-friendly, cheap, and gentle! No matter how hard I scrub there’s no irritation on my sensitive skin and it gets rid of my blackheads so my nose is smooth!

—Kelly C.

Love this thing

I love my little face scrubber. It makes my skin feel so soft, and it’s really made a difference with my blackheads that nothing else has really helped.

—Kathryn K.

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