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This product is in high demand - Please allow 48 hours for shipment.

This product is in high demand - Please allow 48 hours for shipment.

Product Details

Your face deserves better. Our new Face Scrubber gently exfoliates while buffing away dirt and grime, keeping your skin clean and looking good. It’s made from a BPA-free antimicrobial material to promote a healthier, smoother complexion. Simply use with your regular facial cleanser.


100% Recyclable



Made in the USA

Easy to hold

Easy to hold

Meet your new favorite skin care product

  • Exfoliating

    The flexible bristles help gently buff away dead skin cells and irregularities to reveal a brighter, smoother complexion.

  • Antimicrobial

    During manufacturing, we embed the Face Scrubber with a medical-grade antimicrobial silver to keep your scrubber clean.

Quick Guide

  • Quick Guide

  • Add facial cleanser

    Add your favorite facial cleanser to the Face Scrubber or directly onto your face. We recommend using cleanser specifically designed for the face as this skin is more delicate and body soaps may contain harsh surfactants.

    Boie USA
  • Using your Face Scrubber

    Simply scrub in circular motions until you've cleansed each area of your face.

    Boie USA
  • Storing your Face Scrubber

    Keep your Face Scrubber dry while you’re not using it. Use the loop on the back to hang on a hook if available. If not, place it bristles-up on a flat surface away from water.

    Boie USA



  • Reviews

  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Great Product

    I have enjoyed using the Face Scrubber and feel a real difference in my face compared with just using a wash cloth or loofah. Also I am using less facial cleanser because it lathers up so great on the Face Scrubber. I have since ordered a second Face Scrubber to put in my travel shaving kit.

    The other area I found the Face Scrubber works really great at is applying shaving cream. I use a third of the shaving cream and by applying with the Face Scrubber it works a lot like shaving brush to raise the hairs as the shaving cream is applied. Just easier to clean and dries quicker.

    Face scrubber is great

    Love the product. It's small it's convenient and has really helped a guy who's had severe acne all his life clean and maintain clear skin for once. I don't use it everyday I read you should only use it about 2-3 times a week but that's enough especially for sensitive skin like mine.

    Face scrub

    Love the product!! 10/10


    After falling in love with the body scrubber, I kept hoping Boie would come out with a face version and they finally did! I ordered it within 2 hours of getting the email lol. It’s the perfect adaptation for your face, being both exfoliating and easy on delicate facial skin. I have to exfoliate everyday to keep blemishes and oil at bay and this scrubber has eliminated a step to my skincare, letting me exfoliate with my usual face wash. And at this price point, it’s impossible to beat!

    Love it

    Use it daily and my face feels amazing after. Such a better clean


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