Boie USA and sustainability

Everything we do, from the way we design our products to how and where they're made, has one common goal: to make personal care more sustainable.

Made in the USA

We manufacture our products in the USA, keeping the impact of shipping to a minimum while supporting our communities.


Everything we make is 100% recyclable. Send us back your used Boie products and we’ll turn them into something new.

Lasts longer

Our approach is simple: we make durable products that you don’t have to replace as often as traditional counterparts.

Reality check

When the founders of Boie USA learned that traditional toothbrushes you buy at the drugstore contribute to over 50 million pounds of landfill waste a year, we were shocked. We knew there had to be a better way.

The problem

Recycling traditional toothbrushes is nearly impossible because each part is made using a different kind of plastic: the handle, the bristles, and the rubber grips. This is a big problem for recycling facilities that need to separate each plastic-type. In fact, even 100% recyclable products, like ours, don’t always get processed correctly.

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Designing with recycling in mind

No over-molding. When designing our products, we don’t combine different types of plastic. When two materials do need to work together, like with our Toothbrushes, we make the parts modular and easily separable by hand.

Closed-loop system

After learning about the flawed reality of recycling, we created our own system. The material we use can be melted down and reformed again and again, so now customers can send their old products back to us! Once we collect enough, we make them into something brand new.

Made here at home

We source all of our materials and make all of our products here in the USA. This keeps transport-related CO2 emissions to a minimum and allows us to contribute to our community by using American manufacturers.