We’re not 100% there yet, but we’re working on it. Everything we do, from the way we design our products to how and where they’re made, has one common goal: to make personal care more sustainable.

Made in the USA

We manufacture our products in the USA with factories we trust, keeping the environmental impact of shipping to a minimum while supporting our communities.

Our own recycling program

We’re bypassing issues in the recycling process by taking back your used Boie products and turning them into something new ourselves.

Lasts longer

Our personal care products are super durable, so they don’t need to be replaced as often as their traditional counterparts—making for less waste all around.

Scrap-free manufacturing

We just began using Boie items received through our recycling program as well as scraps from our other products to create our new bathroom Hook! Because we can now put extra material right back into the manufacturing process, we’re now officially a scrap-free operation.

Designed with recycling in mind

No over-molding. When designing our products, we don’t combine different types of plastic. When two materials do need to work together, like with our Toothbrushes, we make the parts modular and easily separable by hand.

Color theory

We manufacture our products in a specific order according to color! Working from lightest to darkest allows us to add the scraps from the lighter colors to the darker colors and eliminate waste material.