Using Recycled Material is Happening!

Using Recycled Material is Happening!

When Boie USA first started, we knew we needed to use a sustainable, recyclable material for all of our products—definitely easier said than done. After doing lots (and lots and lots) of research, we settled on TPE, a type of plastic that can be melted down and reformed again and again. We know, we talk about it all the time.

To start the process of recycling however, we needed you guys to send your old products back to us, which took a while because Boie products last for a very long time. But, now we’re finally receiving enough products to start recycling them! There’s a big pile of soapy-smelling used products in our factory—don’t worry, they’ll be sanitized, melted, and reformed into something indistinguishable from a new product. The melting process produces a material called ‘regrind’, which will be mixed in with new material in future products.

Eventually the goal is to have enough old products to recycle that we can start incorporating more and more recycled material and less and less virgin material into each item we make.

For now, we’re using the recycled material for a brand new product we think you’re going to love! Stay tuned for more details.

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