Makeup looks better with Boie.

Makeup looks better with Boie.

Smooth skin, remove makeup, and prep for tanning lotion with these hypoallergenic, antimicrobial scrubbers.

Prepping for Makeup

Whether you’re doing a full face of glam or just tinted moisturizer, you get better finished results when you start with a smooth, clean face! And, as thorough as you are, fingers aren’t enough to remove impurities, dirt, or *ahem* last night’s makeup. Did you know that pores don’t actually change size? They just look bigger when they’re clogged with dirt and makeup. Our soft, hypoallergenic bristles get the dirt out of pores and get rid of flakes gently without causing redness or irritation like facial brushes or chemical exfoliants—so you don’t have to wait for your skin to calm down before applying skincare. 

Your complexion will be perfectly prepped for your serums, mists, and lotions. The antimicrobial material means you can feel confident your Face Scrubber is minimizing acne, not causing it.

Removing makeup

Taking off makeup should absolutely not be such a chore and it shouldn’t require vigorous washcloth scrubbing that damages and pulls on skin. Luckily, you can use the Face Scrubber to easily spread your makeup remover and cleanser. The soft bristles gently lift makeup from pores without having to scrub and rub. No elbow grease needed.

Prepping for self-tanner

Self-tanning lotions have come a long way. Exfoliants….not so much. You know you’re supposed to be thoroughly exfoliated before applying tanner to avoid splotchyness. But, if your skin is irritated from harsh scrubs and loofahs, all hope of an even application is lost! Use our Body Scrubbers to buff away flakes and lingering impurities, creating the perfect smooth canvas for any kind of self-tanning lotion or oil. You’ll be perfectly bronzed in no time.

Cleaning makeup brushes

Our Flat Body Scrubber in particular makes an excellent tool for cleaning makeup brushes. Simply wash them as you normally would then lightly brush them back and forth over the Body Scrubber’s soft bristles to loosen remaining makeup. Rinse and repeat until water runs clear!

Get both our Body Scrubber and Face Scrubber as well as our new bathroom Hook with the Hook Bundle.


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