Is it time to replace your Boie Body Scrubber?

Is it time to replace your Boie Body Scrubber?

Wondering if your Boie Body Scrubber is a little too loved? Read on for some signs it might be time to break out a new one.

Boie products can last a verrry long time, so there's no specific timeline for replacement. If it still looks good, even after a year, keep on scrubbing!

The bristles are worn down, broken, bent, or otherwise damaged

Depending on how often you use the Body Scrubber, it could take months (or longer) for any bristle damage to occur. But if a bunch of them get broken or bent, it could be time to replace.

Mold is forming 😱

Listen, our material is antimicrobial, but after months in a humid shower environment, mold is a possibility. If you see any discoloration, spots, or other signs of things that shouldn't be there, it's definitely time to get a new one.

Boie Blue Body Scrubber

Any funky smells

It's unlikely, but if there are any smells that aren't from your body wash, then it's probably time to trade her in.

Tip: Keep your Body Scrubber in mint condition by rinsing it thoroughly after each use!

Can I subscribe to receive Body Scrubbers?

Yes! We do subscriptions a little differently than most. Instead of shipping multiple times throughout the year, we send ONE package with your customized amount. This cuts down on packaging and shipping waste.

What do I do with my old Body Scrubber?

We have our very own recycling program! Send us back your old product and we'll turn it into something new. Visit for details.

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