How to care for your skin in winter.

How to care for your skin in winter.

Getting through the winter months is tough enough without dealing with dry, itchy, and uncomfortable skin until temperatures finally warm in May. So many factors like lower air humidity, freezing temps, and dry household heating all contribute to flaky, irritated winter skin. But fortunately, there are some tried and true steps you can take to prevent issues and protect skin! Read on for some solid tips on winterizing your skin.

Sorry, but you still need SPF

Yes, it’s winter, and the sun is only out for 5 minutes a day, but you still need to be applying your daily SPF. Even a short amount of unprotected sun can cause a burn, leading to increased risk of skin cancer and UV damage. Not to mention that sun exposure can exacerbate sensitivity from your products like Vitamin C and retinoids. Also, ski enthusiasts can attest that burns caused by the reflecting sun are no joke.

You may need to switch up exfoliation methods

Skin needs to be treated a little more delicately in colder, dryer weather. So chemical exfoliants can be too harsh on sensitive winter skin. And, physical exfoliants like certain scrubs with fruit and sugar only tear up skin.

Our Face and Body Scrubbers are soft, ultra-gentle, and buff away dead skin and imperfections without tearing up or irritating skin. Plus, they’re hypoallergenic, acne-preventing, and antimicrobial. Your skin will be smoother and less irritated.

In an article for HuffPost, board-certified dermatologist Rina Allawh said, “For those interested in lathering up and exfoliating during each shower, an antibacterial bath accessory that I recommend is the BOIE Body Scrubber, which you can buy for $10. It is made of antibacterial material that can be easily, thoroughly cleaned and dried, less likely to harbor bacteria, yeast and mold.”

Cut down on how frequently you use harsh products

Certain ingredients like retinoids and lactic acid can increase skin sensitivity and exacerbate dryness and irritation that’s already waiting to attack in the winter. If you know you’re prone to these types of issues, these stronger ingredients may need to be moved from daily use to a few times a week. 

Increase super hydrating ingredients

If you get increased dryness and irritation in the winter, it may be time to step up the moisturizing power of your skincare with ingredients like ceramides and hyaluronic acid. Another good idea is to avoid products with added fragrances and unnecessary ingredients. These tend to dry out skin further.

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