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Product Details

Upgrade your shower routine. The Loop Body Scrubber is soft and silicone-like with hypoallergenic bristles that gently exfoliate for smoother skin. And, our antimicrobial material helps prevent the germs that grow on loofahs and washcloths. A finger loop on the back makes it easy to hold and hang! Just add your favorite body wash and start scrubbing.

Classic Boie cleansing with a new way to grip!


Soft, flexible bristles gently exfoliate and buff away imperfections for smoother, clearer skin— minus the harsh abrasion that can cause breakouts, redness, and irritation.

100% Recycleable

The material we use can be melted down and reformed, so we can take your old product and turn it into something new! Many things we send to the recycling plant don’t get processed as intended, so the best way to recycle your Boie USA item is to send it back to us.


We embed the Loop Body Scrubber with medical-grade antimicrobial silver to keep it clean and kill acne-causing, pore-clogging bacteria. Germs hate it, skin loves it.

Easy To Hold

The back of the Loop Body Scrubber has a loop for your finger, making it super easy to hold and control as you scrub.

BPA- and Latex-free

All of our products are made from a BPA- and latex-free material called TPE. Sounds intense, but it's just a silicone-like material that combines the soft pliability of rubber with the benefits of thermoplastic. The result is a durable, recyclable product.

Made in the USA

We want to support our communities while cutting down on shipping waste, so we make our products right here in the USA.

Classic Boie cleansing with a new way to grip!


100% Recycleable


Easy To Hold

BPA- and Latex-free

Made in the USA

Grab your body wash or soap!

Add your favorite product directly to the Loop Body Scrubber or right onto your skin. If you’re using soap, add a little water to get a nice, frothy lather.

Time to scrub!

Start with gentle pressure in circular motions as you get a feel for your Scrubber! It’s very soft and flexible, so no harsh abrasion like loofahs or washcloths.

Storing your Loop Body Scrubber

The Loop Body Scrubber can be hung from a hook! Just be sure to give it a good rinse first.

Boie products can last for a very long time so if it works well and isn’t showing signs of wear, keep using it! The average replacement time for the Body Scrubbers is about six months to a year.

All of our current products are made from an extremely durable material called thermoplastic elastomer. It sounds intense, but it’s just a material that combines the flexibility of rubber with the durability of thermoplastic. The result is super soft, 100% recyclable, and latex and BPA-free.

Both of our Body Scrubbers offer the same hypoallergenic cleansing; the only difference is how you hold and store them! The Loop has a finger loop on the back to hold and hang, and the Flat has three holes along the edge and sticks to the shower wall. If you have smaller hands, The Loop Body Scrubber may be easier to hold.

Our products are super durable and can all be cleaned with soap and water! Just be sure to get in between the bristles and rinse thoroughly.

Our products are 100% recyclable. Unfortunately, due to several factors, a lot of things we put in the recycling bin become waste. The best way to be sure your Boie item is processed correctly is to send it back to us.
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Victoria M.
United States United States
Great body scrubber!

I feel like I get all the dirt and dead skin off of my skin compared the traditional loofahs & body ball scrubbers. I do like the fact that they dry a lot more easily and can be recycled.

United States United States
Best for travel

The thing I have most enjoyed about the body scrubber is how portable it is and anti microbial so it makes it easy to travel with, it is a space saver in your travel bag and never going back to traveling with a loofah again.

William P.
United States United States
Highly recommend!

Love it, best body scrubber I have ever used!

Haley S.
United States United States
Love the loop!

Perfect for traveling and avoiding dirty loofahs!

Anthony G.
United States United States
Much better than loofas

I feel cleaner using these! Thank you.