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Our innovative re-imagination of the common toothbrush gives you more healthful and comfortable oral care that’s also gentle on the environment.


Typical toothbrushes are known to harbor bacteria and can even attract and host bacteria from outside your mouth—such as airborne particles from toilet flushing or showering. Our toothbrush heads are imbued with silver particles, which are safe for you but have known antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria upon contact. This means your toothbrush stays clean and offers you a safer, more sanitary oral care experience.


Our toothbrush heads are designed to provide safer, more comfortable brushing for those with sensitive or bleeding gums and reduce the risk of enamel wear and receding gums. Our unique design offers bristles that are not only durable, but much softer and gentler on your teeth and gums than even typical “soft” bristles. You’ll notice a pleasurable difference.


Bristles on ordinary toothbrushes wear out quickly—and when they do, you have no choice but to discard the entire toothbrush. Our design eliminates this needless waste by letting you replace just the head itself. This means you keep the handle in your home and out of our landfills—and because our heads are fully recyclable, you can discard them without worry about their impact on our environment. To encourage sustainability, we let you purchase the heads separately.


We’ve designed our toothbrush heads to last twice as long as typical disposable toothbrushes, so you’ll need to replace them only half as often as you’d typically replace an ordinary toothbrush. This durability not only reduces waste, but offers you lasting value.


As part of our commitment to our community and our planet, we source all of our materials and manufacture all of our products and packaging in the U.S. This not only ensures superior quality, but provides a livelihood with fair working conditions for our neighbors and eliminates the pollution and cost of overseas shipping.