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Our mission

We are a New York-based startup with a single audacious goal: to radically re-imagine daily oral health care.

Our story

Our vision started with an obsessive refusal to take the status quo for granted. Take, for example, the common toothbrush:  It lasts only a couple of months, and discarded brushes add over 50 million pounds of plastic to landfills every year.

We knew this was a problem we could solve: Why not end the waste by creating long-lasting, sanitary toothbrushes that promote both healthy teeth and a healthy environment? With this realization, Boie USA was born.

What we're about


We’re not afraid to question conventional wisdom or consider unconventional ideas and designs. And we’re driven by the belief that transformational change can start in unexpected places—such as daily oral health care.

Care for our planet

We’re committed to ensuring that our business model and products are gentle on the environment. With this in mind, we’ve designed the interchangeable heads of our toothbrushes to be both durable and fully recyclable. Our products are proudly American made, which not only benefits our communities, but reduces our carbon footprint by eliminating the pollution and waste of overseas transportation and shipping.

Giving back

We are dedicated to giving back to our communities. As part of our commitment to the greater good, we create meaningful jobs locally by keeping our production in the U.S. and share a portion of our profits with  charities that provides healthcare to people with disabilities.


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