Boie’s holiday gift guide.

Boie’s holiday gift guide.

Gift sustainably this year with effective, affordable personal care that looks good in every bathroom. Not sure what to give? Boie has affordable bundles, customizable subscriptions, and more—perfect for gifting to friends and family. Read on for our 2022 holiday gift guide! Be sure to add our new bathroom Hook to your order so their Scrubbers have a home.

The Best Bundle

Most popular

They’ll get a Face Scrubber, a choice of either the Loop or Flat Body Scrubber, and a Fine Toothbrush. All antimicrobial, long-lasting, and 100% recyclable. This bundle is perfect for your friend who’s always trying to cut more single-use plastic out of their lives.

*Gift hint* Choose the Loop Body Scrubber for anyone with smaller hands. Be sure to add the Hook so their Scrubbers have a home!

The Hook Bundle

For the skincare pro

They’ll get a Face Scrubber, a choice of either the Loop or Flat Body Scrubber, and our bathroom Hook to hang them on! This bundle is perfect for your skincare-obsessed friend who’s always looking for the next new tool or gadget.

*Gift hint* Got a loved one who complains about acne, keratosis pilaris, or eczema? Our Scrubbers are antimicrobial and embedded with medical-grade silver that helps keep them clean and prevent pimples!

Family Packs! *NEW THIS YEAR*

For the one who just moved or always has guests

We introduced an even better way to save money and waste this year! Buy 5 products and get a 6th free with our family packs. Shop either of our Toothbrushes or fan-favorite skincare tools. Get this for the friend who needs a mini bathroom makeover.

*Gift hint* Staying at a friend or family member’s place this holiday season? Bring along a Boie family pack as a ‘thanks for letting me crash’ gift!

The Fine Toothbrush

A gift for the one who actually flosses regularly. The Fine Toothbrush has a replaceable head that lasts at least twice as long as the nylon-bristled kind. And, it's clinically proven to cut down on abrasion and improve overall oral hygiene!

*Gift hint* This is a great gift for the person who’s always looking to cut down on waste.

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