A different kind of subscription service.

A different kind of subscription service.

Do your current personal care subscriptions give you Groundhog Day vibes? The packages just keep coming and coming until your bathroom is overflowing with razors and deodorant? 

Boie does things a little differently—we send you one package A YEAR with your requested amount of items, so you're never getting more than you need.

How it works

So simple, it probably didn't need its own section! When you're checking out, tell us how often you plan on swapping out your Body Scrubber, Face Scrubber, or Toothbrush head and we'll send you ONE shipment with enough for the whole year. 

When that year is up, we'll send another. Don't worry, we'll remind you first in case you don't need more. We don't want to clog up your bathroom OR landfills.

Hint hint: Subscribing saves you money!

Why it's a good thing

Besides the 'set it and forget it' factor, a once-a-year subscription plan has a lot of benefits. For one, we can drastically cut down on packaging materials. 

It also means a smaller carbon footprint for everyone involved since we're only shipping once, instead of multiple times a year! This helps us keep prices affordable, which makes everyone happy. 

Speaking of packaging, did you know our products are shipped in compostable mailers? 

What about when I'm done with my Boie item?

We have our very own recycling program! Send us back your old product and we'll turn it into something new. Visit BoieUSA.com/recycle for details.

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